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2014 Drawn from Nature, 9th Annual Juried Art Show

Drawn from Nature, the 9th Annual Juried Art Show will be held at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove on April 12–27. The show is open to all artists; the piece(s) submitted must have been completed in the past 3 years and contain nature and/or wildlife, with or without a human presence, as its central theme.



Artwork Not Selected -Pickup Information

Please pick-up your artwork Wednesday, April 9 in the lower entrance to the barn from 1pm to 6pm.

If you are unable to make this time you can also pick-up your artwork Friday, April 11 from 5pm to 8pm during the artist reception in the barn.

A charge of $5 per day will be applied to artwork that is not picked-up during the designated times available.

Entry No         Title

003     Redhead Reflections

004     Beyond the Sea

007     Heron

008     Dogwood

010     For Pete

011     Waiting for a Song

012     Along the Wooded Path

015     Lavender & White Mallows in a Green Vase

016     Mountain Water Falls

016     Rivver's Autumn Splender

020     The Three Big Pigs

021     Sunrise Sentinels

023     Turtle on a Tree Branch

025     Path on Pawlings Rd

027     Lakeside Shadows

028     Fawns Frolic

037     Sit Here Awhile

037     Aging Sycamore

039     Wynken, Blynken and Nod

043     Hidden Perch

043     Just Fishing

045     Rainbow Lorikeet

048     The Fischer Man

050     Shall We Talk?

051     Garden Dancer

059     Migration 6

060     Morning After - Jen's Creek

069     Blackbilled Magpie, Rocky Mtn

072     Honey Maker

075     A Day at Hollystone Farm II

077     Aftermath on Dark Hollow

079     Pink Water Lilly

081     Lackawanna River, Cedar Waxwing Habitat

081     Habitat; Oil and Gas

082     Birds of a Feather

083     Winter Thaw - Awakening Habitats

083     Nature's Cycle of Life

089     Preening for a Party?

089     A Winter's Tale

091     Innocence

092     Seaside Delight

095     Proximity

099     2 Orchids

103     Sea Gulls at the Sea Shore

104     Wild Bird Feather Wreath

105     Northwoods Perch

105     Autumn Perch

106     Pink Lily

107     Red-Shouldered Returns

111     Storm Sky

116     Nature in a Vase

124     Hawk Mountain Sunrise

125     Tree Labyrinth

126     Saguaro Sunset

130     Fair Beauty

130     A Gift

131     Mill Creek

135     Silent Wings

139     Fidato: Tuscany 2012

141     Beach Memories

143     Quiet Refuge

147     In Search

148     Sad Horse

151     Rock of Many Faces

152     Holding Hands

153     The Great Egret on the Look Out

154     Feather Box

155     On the Lookout

160     Vegetation Squeeze

160     Rescue Birds

163     Fishing

166     Stony Creek Winter Hike

166     Schuylkill Serenity

170     Bogart's Bridge

177     Lilacs and Oranges

179     Shell Study in Red

182     Fuchsia Function